We want to see women hairdressers shine

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We’re proud of the Shine initiative featured in our new magazine; a campaign to empower women in hairdressing. Our Winter 2020 issue is out now and we are delighted to see salons and hairdressers welcoming Shine, asking to be involved and getting inspired – it means a lot! 

The problem

Shine is a platform designed to combat the significant lack women hairdressers getting recognition in hairdressing. Women simply don’t get as much recognition as male ones; too few women are in the spotlight or gain top awards. Hairdressing it seems, is a male-dominated space, with men occupying most of the leading positions in hairdressing. So what is going on?

While there is always a greater number of girls coming into hairdressing than boys, an invisible filtering system ensures that by the time we’re watching the trophies handed out, you can bet there’s an inverse number of men collecting them. In our own awards, The Big One, we see a disproportionate number of men winning this year. We know our judging system is fair and entries judged anonymously by a panel including as many women as men. Tracking the results in the British Hairdressing Awards, only five different women have won (Sally Brooks winning three times) in its 35-year history (1985-2020).

Similarly, across nine regional categories, it is comparatively rare for women to win without a male partner. Given these awards are run fairly, too, it must be that the lists of nominees and winners is reflecting back to the industry how we are behaving: Women are not entering competitions in the same numbers as men. This needs to change. As a female dominated team, we strongly believe that empowering women and showcasing their amazing work is imperative for our industry.

Doing our part

The Shine platform (with Instagram @seehershine) was launched a year ago to help promote and celebrate women in hairdressing. It can be used on any media – currently Wella Professionals is supporting pages in our print editions of Tribu-te magazine. You’ll see Shine popping up on other hair sites, too. We want to push women forward, encourage them to claim a bigger share of the main stage. The message is simple: See her shine. 

To follow what’s happening, make sure you follow @seehershine on Instagram and use #seehershine and #girlscancut to share your work with us. The @seehershine account is being taken over daily by talented ladies of the industry who share their work and thoughts. Follow and see them shine!




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