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An online booking system for your salon needn’t be a big investment financially, in fact it can be subscription-free when you look at the proposition offered by Fresha. Launched in 2015 under the name Shedul and rebranded recently, Fresha is proving a a hit for ease of use, accessibility, and sheer niftiness when it comes to helping your marketing, sales and promotion activities as well as literally booking appointments. The figures are impressive: Fresha has 70,000+ partner businesses now in the beauty and wellness sector, making more than 500 million appointments, across 120 countries, for more than 250,000 salons. 

Fresha store

A beautiful online store to attract clients

Fresha works

The same site works for visitors looking to book appointments, and salons wanting to make their booking systems more streamlined. The sign-up process is simple and quite frankly, the support offered makes life less stressful for even the most wary of technophobes! The language is relatable and you won’t feel overwhelmed or confused. Client friendly aspects meld with great business practice, too. Here’s the outline of what we’ve been most drawn to:

Fresha features

A Point of Sale is a one-stop-shop for managing every checked-out appointment and product, voucher, or membership sale for your business. Designed to help simplify the checkout experience for both you and your clients, you can now create a cart for each client that includes their appointments, products, memberships, vouchers, services, and tips. Each cart can be modified, for example, by adding or removing products or applying a discount. When the cart is ready, you can accept payment with various payment methods.

Services can be listed and you can allocate your team members to individual services on offer, an particular location and perhaps an ongoing offer. You can also create memberships and loyalty schemes for your clients, too. 

Business proofing is vital these days to protect against no-shows and cancellations which can decimate your calendar! Fresha has a deposit facility which is straightforward and makes perfect business sense to you and your clientele. This also allows you to track history to weed out serial offenders if you want to! 

Marketing is also made more exciting with the ability to import client lists, and add the facility to leave reviews and comments as well as send notifications. The Fresha platform shows how you can tailor offers to send out with Blast-marketing perhaps emailing vouchers, and of course, integrating with social media including Facebook. 

We could go on… there are so many things to discover with Fresha. It’s really a super-smooth way to make your business seem bigger, become more efficient and reach new markets. Discover more for yourself and jump over to

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