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Let’s focus on blondes! And specifically on everything every type of blonde could need to care for their hair. We’re thinking Ominiblonde – where ‘omni’ is the Latin prefix for ‘all’ and Omniblonde is an awesome new range created by two women on a mission to make the perfectly healthy blonde achievable for everyone. A newly available line exclusively in the UK courtesy of Sweet Squared. 

Interested? Then meet former hairdresser Anette Thrane and tastemaker Lene Monster, the creative minds behind Omniblonde, and two self confessed hair nerds! They’ve turned their dream of ideal haircare for blonde hair into a reality that embraces both premium standards and eco-concerns. 60% of UK clients have blonde hair so it figures to look at a brand dedicated to them!

The case for Omniblonde

From interviewing numerous blondes, whether natural or chemically enhanced blonde, the partners Lene and Anette discovered that there are five key elements most often lacking in blonde hair; shine, strength, moisture, volume and tone. This discovery formed the basis for them to design the Omniblonde range. It is founded on using high-end products that make healthy hair without resorting to harsh chemicals, and is dedicated to supporting blondes who care for their hair indeed.


Importantly, the Omniblonde range is Green Salon Certified* and helps re-strengthen the hair inside and out. Following Green Salon protocols, the unique formulas don’t have chemicals which are endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic, allergenic or harmful to the environment.

* Green Salon is a Scandinavian organisation that goes beyond the otherwise strict code of the European restrictions. To become Green Salon certified you must follow safe chemistry with absolutely no chemicals with harmful effects on humans or nature. Certification is reassessed annually.

Specifically for blonde

A portfolio of four product families is designed on the premise of finding the right pH for each product category.
Shampoo – pH 5.5 – 6.5 • Conditioner – pH 4.0 – 5.0 • Leave-in Treatment pH 3.5 – 4.5 • Masque – pH 3.5 – 4.0

Importantly, the design of an Omni Lightening Defense Complex offers a next-generation technology for blonde hair care and is integral to all the products. It works by treating both the inside and outside of the hair. It binds to the hair’s cuticles, effectively repairing the hair from the inside and offering long-term protection on the outside.


Natural ingredients are employed to ensure the five key pillars of Omniblonde are adhered to:

• Goji berries are rich in amino-acids. They ensure the hair strands stay strong, feel restored, and look healthy
• Natural Corn Sugar – naturally-derived from corn sugar, this is exceptional at retaining moisture and hydration in the hair, leaving it soft and bouncy
• Hydrolysed vegetable protein – by going deep into the hair shaft and replacing proteins in the damaged hair, hydrolysed vegetable protein improves moisture retention and elasticity while giving hair softness and shine
• Sunflower oil is a natural moisturiser, reduces frizz, and importantly provides colour protection for the hair

Lena and Anette are clear: “We really try to the be the best versions of ourselves so naturally our products need to be the same.

Clarity of thinking

Sulphate-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals. Omniblonde is Green Salon Certified and the bottles are 100% recyclable. All the products are colour-safe and made especially for chemically-treated hair. Working with amazing scientists from inside the beauty industry helped the women behind Omniblonde to discover, formulate and test every new innovation for damaged, chemically-treated hair. In short, Omniblonde has created a safe, but effective choice for your haircare.

The range explained 



Transforming bleached and damaged hair using the Omni Lightening Defense Complex, the Rejuvenation system includes; Shampoo, Conditioner and Soft Forgiveness Leave-in conditioner. 


Cool Signature

Specially formulated to cleanse, tone and make a cool ash or ash blonde colour last longer, the Cool Signature system includes: Shampoo, Conditioner and Violet Wonder Leave-in conditioner


Clean Up Your Act

Reboot hair and scalp with this system that is a must-have for every blonde. The Clean Up Your Act system includes: Detox shampoo


Magically Transforming Masques

The masques work on the inside and on the surface of the hair to repair blonde hair. The choice includes: Intense Treatment; Violet Treatment; Tomato Treatment.


Dry Shampoo

For hair that needs rejuvenating or freshening up especially between washes. Choose from: Skip A Day; Keep Your Coolness Violet


Spray finishes

Perfectly Imperfect Texturing Spray is a light workable texture. Colour-protecting and infused with goji berries and vegetable Keratin to keep hair strong and moist. Perfectionista Finishing Spray is weightless and binds the hair strands together with an invisible net for lasting shape and a bouncy look.

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