Angelo Seminara Tribu-te show 2018

Tribu-te show 2018

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Wow and wowser! The line-up for our Tribu-te show on Sunday night was the epitome of hairdressing expertise. A packed theatre (the swish Novello theatre on the Strand, London) was held spellbound by five of the industry’s biggest hitters; each a hairdressing expert and keen to entertain, educate and inspire. After a warm welcome by UK publisher Nicky Pope, who thanked Great Lengths, L’Oréal, and Davines for their sponsorship, the evening’s proceedings rolled out in inimitable style.

Tribu-te show 2018

Tribu-te honours the individuality of each hairdresser, and we give them carte blanche on our stage; they have just 20 minutes in the spotlight to work their magic, charged with using a max of two models, but no smoke or mirrors, to produce a presentation that is ‘all genius, no gimmicks’. A large screen and the fancy footwork of our live-feed cameraman (thanks Andy Gilbert!) ensured everyone had a great view of the work going on. Scroll down to see the pictures, and our explanations of the individual performers work:  

DESMOND MURRAY: An accomplished salon stylist, session stylist and photographer, Desmond Murray gave us an insight into his world of media. Working the hair and the camera, his presentation was based on the concept of ‘a moment in time that doesn’t exist‘. On stage he finished the styling on an incredible six looks (styling each model three times), demonstrating how to move the hair to achieve a wicked image, captured on film, that will never exist again. Bravo – a great idea and we loved its energy.

ANDREW JOSE: An educator with a Sassoon heritage, Andrew is equally at home on a main stage as in the salon (he is based in central London with an eclectic clientele from among fashion and music’s fine and fierce). For Tribu-te, Andrew and his colleague Eveline Lungdren, presented  ‘Romanticism’ using texturising techniques on two London-cool models. Calm, poised and oh-so interesting, Andrew is master of his stage and very popular. We heart his hair work. 

D&J AMBROSE: At the very first London Tribu-te show in 2013, Darren Ambrose impressed our audience. We didn’t forget, and invited him back with his wife Jackie. Once again, the pair knocked it out of the park. Entitles ‘Pure Muse‘, the D&J Ambrose presentation was a tasteful, exquisite journey to deliver hair (cut and styled) that is challenging yet always beautiful. Clothes (expertly tailored by Jackie) were a strong part of the story – undeniably fantastic. 

BROOKS & BROOKS: Sally and Jamie Brooks chose to present a romantic, thoughtful show which was truly emotional to watch. The concept was to strip back a detailed hair look to become a pure, uncomplicated impression of beauty. Simplify, deconstruct then simplify again was the message. Working fast and confidently, with a perfectly-judged film accompanying, Brooks&Brooks reminded us of how talented, informed and visionary they are. 

ANGELO SEMINARA: This man is a global phenomenon. We’re serious – Angelo is really a unique character in hairdressing. His ability to constantly re-imagine a different way of working, of delving into nature for inspiration, of explaining the inexplicable… he leaves us lost for words. And yet, his delivery is so accessible, easy and friendly, the audience gets it! A demo of Angelo’s Imprinter stencil had them cheering. They are entranced and enthused. The perfect final artist in a brilliant show. 

Thanks to all our team and our artists. Thanks to David Hindley for awesome photographs. 

Watch out for the film of this year’s event which we’ll post here. 

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