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We are  delighted that The Big One 2020 is on and we can’t wait to receive your photos with your lovely work! We have been talking to the winners from last year’s Big One, who are full of advice and motivational words we love sharing with you. On that note, here’s what the team from Trevor Sorbie said to us; they were the winners of The Team One trophy from The Big One 2019.

1 – What did it mean to win The Team One trophy in the first year of launch – 2019?

Winning this competition was a special moment for us as it was the night of The Trevor Sorbie Tribute Show, featuring some of the greatest hairdressers in the Industry. Being in front of a packed audience of passionate hairdressers from all around the world, it really was a magical event to be part of and to make the boss proud is always a great achievement!

2 – Do you often enter competitions? 

Historically yes, whether as individuals or a team. The last few years we’ve mainly focused on team collections without the pressure of competitions – the allure of an award and the buzz of being part of something can be difficult to resist!

3 – Have you enjoyed showing it off to family/clients? 

Yes, our clients love to hear about the creative work that we do outside of the salon so winning an award makes them feel they are part of something special.

4 – Where is it displayed? Do send us a picture please!

The award takes pride of place in our reception area so everyone coming and going can see it. 

5 – How do you describe your hairdressing signature style of work? 

We always try to do work that is forward-thinking and original. Whether we’re doing creative, avantgarde or commercial work, beauty is always at the essence of what we do and it has to have an aesthetic appeal to both the industry and the consumer.

6 – How have you found this first half of 2020? 

We started the year very excited about planning the shows and shoots for 2020, however the pandemic changed things for us and everyone. As a team we keep in regular contact and continue to work on creative ideas while at home. It was actually quite nice to have some time to re-set, create and plan ahead.

The winning photo

7 – What do you hope for the rest of the year? 

Well, for most of us our priorities are focused in the salon but when things start to get back to some sort of normality we hope to be getting back out there sharing what we love – beautiful, creative hair.

8 – What advice can you give someone thinking of entering The Big One 2020?

Go for it!
Try to do work that is creative and that really excites you, it’s important to be original and true to yourself.

2019 Winners

The BIG ONE 2020 is on!

Do you want to be a winner too? The BIG ONE UK is back and we are delighted to announce that the competition is officially OPEN! Take this opportunity -both emerging and established talents- to impress us with your hair photography and eye for design.
All UK hairdressers, based here or working abroad, are invited to join in and enter with several categories to choose between. To enter, you must send us your entry dossier by Monday 14th September 2020. Do not leave it for last minute!

See all the Categories, the Rules and How To Enter HERE.

For any enquiries, please email HERE.

Thank you to our sponsors L’Oréal Professionnel, Revlon Professional, Alfaparf, Paul Mitchell and Great Lengths.

See The Big One 2019 winners and the 7 top tips they followed to bring the trophy home. 

Good luck!



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