Revlon Professional at Charles Jeffrey AW2020

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John Vial backstage for Charles Jeffrey AW2020

John Vial backstage for Charles Jeffrey AW2020

Weird perhaps but always wonderful, we love the looks by John Vial for Revlon Professional at Charles Jeffrey AW2020 (part of London Fashion Week: Mens). Charles is a visionary designer who delivered (yet again) a conceptual show to complement the drama and symbolism in his clothing. Importantly, we’re proud to see that his long-running collaborative work with leading hairdresser John Vial remains hugely evident in hair looks that threatened to steal the show from the clothes. John, we loved it – way to go. A big success, literally.

Charles Jeffrey AW2020: Hell Mend You

We love discovering there’s a story to bring a fashion show to life and here’s one biggie, so concentrate! Calling his show ‘Hell Mend You‘ Charles introduces two counter-cultures represented by dance (yep!). One is the Danders (Teddy-boy meets Scottish military) and the other the Glaedyhoots (Celtic folk with literature, symbolism and nature) – each seemingly opposing tribes. Luckily John Vial, global influencer for Revlon Professional, put together a crack squad of hairdressers to imagine looks for the Danders vs Glaedyhoots and used exaggerated shape, texture and colour to denote the two tribes. John explains:“The hair was heavily influenced by Charles’ love of Scotland and the Celtic heritage.  The Danders were inspired by playwright and Artist John Bryne who wrote the Slab Boy Trilogy about urban, working-class Scotland 1957 – 1972.  We looked at lots of designs, in particular, the quiffs and really exaggerated them working them into sculptures attached to the model heads. Adding faux hair across a wireframe we combed the hair into the middle of the frame to give the stylized effect of the popular 1950’s Ducktail technique. The Glaedyhoots wigs were created using a Rick Rack technique where the hair was weaved in a figure of eight around a pin almost like crochet.  This was then heated, the pin removed and brushed through to give a neat candy floss texture with bountiful volume through the ends.” Simples… or not. But certainly eye-catching. 

The hair looks

Browse the gallery then scroll down for more details: 

John continues in more depth: “Charles also asked us to create ‘Braveheart in the rain’, and ‘Braveheart slicked-back’ looks in contrast with the other super voluminous looks.  For ‘Braveheart in the rain’ we worked with each model’s natural texture and spritzed with a wave spray to give a lived-in feel.  For ‘Braveheart slicked-back’, we simply worked the hair away from the face and set with a shine gel.” 

Don’t you just love the word of fashion… bravo again to John and his team. 

HAIR TEAM: John Vial – Global Influencer for Revlon Professional • Clare Holmes – Creative & Artistic Educator for Revlon Professional • Emmanuel Esteban – Salon Sloane • Naomi Byron – Hall of Hair • Siobhan Hopper – Celeste Arnold • Katy Brereton – Metropolis • Julian Dalymple (Northern Ireland) – The Sitting Room • Hollie Watson – Westrow • Gareth Lambert – Aqua Hair and Beauty • Gabriella Da Costa – Westrow • Gemma Jarrett – Westrow • Danilo Giangreco (Chelsea) – Danilo Hair Boutique • Emy Roccabella – Danilo Hair Boutique • Enrica Russo – Danilo Hair Boutique • Luke Pluckrose – Guest • Sandra Vacev – Guest • Charles Salisbury- Guest • Cinta Miller – Guest • Amy Russell – Guest


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