Rebirth by Ryan Forsythe

Rebirth by Ryan Forsythe

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For creative hairdressers, however you measure success and achievement, there is no time when you stop exploring, pushing yourself and remaining curious! Ryan Forsythe is the artistic education director at Trevor Sorbie. He holds an eminent position with a brand synonymous with innovation. But no surprise to see this latest project from Ryan, created just for the joy of it. Rebirth by Ryan Forsythe is a multi-media process with collaboration between artists. Music, movement, craft… all meld together to express something new.


Exploring the transformative power of hair cutting through movement and emotion is how Ryan Forsythe titles his work. Immerse yourself in the film. 

Ryan explains: “In this story, we immerse ourselves into the human experience and emotions that come with the hair cutting process.  

“Through the art of movement and dance, our film takes us on location to the magical Walthamstow marshes in London. Here, the juxtaposition of urban city structures and wild natural landscapes beautifully mirror the contrasting emotions displayed throughout the haircut.

Rebirth by Ryan Forsythe

Ryan worked on location, in the open air

“Presented in a music video style, our film celebrates those who have inspired and influenced us, while highlighting the unique relationship a hairdresser has with each person, who know the power of a great haircut and the positive impact it can have on someones life.”


Rebirth by Ryan Forsythe

Movement, music and craftsmanship together

Collaboration, says Ryan, was crucial to the project. Bringing Ryan’s  concept to life meant a unified team with each member creating their own interpretation of the brief. Xan Dye choreographed an emotive performance, while Ash Sargant produced a soundtrack that perfectly encapsulates the emotional energy of the story. Giovanni Musumeci masterfully captured the scene and edited the film to complement key ingredients. Ryan Forsythe brought his hairdressing experience, instinct, feeling and emotion to create a stunning final look. 

Rebirth by Ryan Forsythe

Credits due

Concept & Art Direction – Ryan Forsythe @ryforsythe • Choreography & Performance – Xan Dye @xandye • Videography & Editing – Giovanni Musumeci @giovannimusumecixx • Music Production – Ash Sargant aka TUBEDIGGA @tubedigga • Make Up Artist – Olena Chyvchy-Bashy @helenchizzmua • Hair Colour – Sophia Martin @sophiacolourist • Hair – Ryan Forsythe @ryforsythe @trevorsorbie @trevorsorbiecreativeteam