Charlotte Cave with Brogan Locke

Personal experience

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We collaborated with Great Lengths recently on a feature for Tribu-te Magazine UK ‘The Joy Of Live‘ – out 8 July. The point we’re making is how to experience for yourself a personal service. We say, show up and take part for yourself in a service, and you’ll be best placed to share that insight with your clients. You’ll have more confidence in a product or service before going on to offer this to your client. They in turn will increase their confidence in you.

Charlotte Cave

Salon owner Charlotte Cave has two flourishing London salons, but neither yet offer hair extensions. She was invited to try a hair extensions service herself to understand the potential for her business. And what it feels like to be the client. She attended Michaeljohn salon in central London to meet hairdresser Brogan Locke who works with Great Lengths… and we went along, too!

Greet Lengths with Charlotte Cave

Brogan Locke (left) greets Charlotte Cave at the Michaeljohn salon

An initial consultation between Brogan and Charlotte includes discussing the purpose of the service. Then they decide between using tapes or bonds and of course colour matched the extension hair to Charlotte’s natural hair. Charlotte begins by asking for volume over length, tapes over bonds and nothing too showy. Her hair is washed and smoothed, the application of tape begins. The process for Charlotte took approximately 90 minutes. During the appointment, Brogan and Charlotte discussed common misconception about extensions and how to reassure potential clients.

On film: 

Personal experience

We’ll leave Charlotte to sum up the experience in words and pictures… (Photography: Mauro Carraro)

“Having always known that Great Lengths were the leader in hair extensions my, understanding was at least 20 years out of date. The idea of being sat in the chair for 8 hours while the stylist combed through painstakingly trying to match my colour and attach the locks – was a dread. The reality couldn’t have been more different. Welcomed by the warm and clearly experienced Brogan, I was reassured.

Charlotte Cave with Great Lengths

Before: Charlotte wanted thickness, subtlety blended

“I’ve reached my 50s, and post-children and menopause, my hair is fine and limp despite the millions of vitamins I have consumed. The hope for ever again having lush locks was a pipe dream. I wrongly assumed I would only achieve a little thickness no length.

“After some colour-matching, Brogan went to work. After washing and drying my hair the application began. Within an hour I was stroking long, beautiful hair matched perfectly.

As Brogan predicted I was reluctant to cut the hair tapes to my own length, and so I left the salon with seamless long flowing locks.

Charlotte Cave with Great Lengths

Charlotte instantly loved the length and thickness that Gret Lengths tapes offer

The follow-up

Speaking to Charlotte later she says: “Aftercare was a worry, I am very, very lazy with my own hair and don’t even get it coloured for lack of commitment. So, it has surprised me that not only is the hair a breeze to brush and style but actually holds the style much longer than my own hair, allowing me to brush and run to my clients first appointment that I am always on the brink of being late for.

“Three weeks on, I have loved the ease of having tapes, and how natural my hair feels. I can guarantee I will be booking back in for renewal and have enjoyed sharing with my clients the ‘secret’ to my new look. They will be queuing up to get this themselves!

“Thank you Great Lengths..  by name by nature.”

And a big thank you from Tribu-te to Michaeljohn salon in Chelsea, and to Brogan for being so welcoming!

Great Lengths

Using bonded, or taped hair extensions from Great Lengths makes you truly versatile. See the Balayage results you can achieve HERE 
And take a look at some of the fashion colours you can use HERE

Importantly, Great Lengths is a B Corps – not only is the hair all human hair ethically sourced, but the company operates on a sustainable and ethical basis in all practices. Read more HERE

Visit the brand’s own UK website HERE

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