Most Googled DIY beauty searches in isolation

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It comes as no surprise that since all beauty, hair and nail salons are closed and the industry professionals can’t work at the moment, so many people have increased their self-care endeavours in order to soothe stressed-out skin, anxious minds, hair root anxiety and introduce some necessary TLC into their routine. But did you know that the number of Google searches for DIY beauty treatments has not only doubled, but quadrupled since March and April 2019 (!) with over a million related queries! Cult Beauty compared the number of UK Google searches in March and April 2019 to March and April 2020 to reveals the most popular DIY beauty searches during social-distancing; hair is on top of course.

DIY hair

From all the at-home beauty treatments, DIY hair-cuts proved to be the most pressing search with a staggering 419,060 in the last two months – that’s an increase of 1379% compared to this time last year. Men’s haircuts accounted for 70,070 of the searches while 60,430 searches focused on beard grooming. Meanwhile, women are carefully trimming grown-out fringes or experimenting with cutting in layer. Regarding hair dye, we are looking at 179,490 searches on this topic since self-isolation – making it one of the most popular beauty queries as well.

Alongside, haircuts and hair dye, there’s also been a lot of talk around hair extensions – particularly on how to take them out at home. “How to remove hair extensions at home” has seen a search increase of 279%, with tape extension removal the most popular, followed by microbead, and finally keratin. DIY hair masks are also receiving a lot of attention during self-isolation, with a 333% increase in searches. Surely, we can wait a few more weeks?

Questions on DIY eyebrow grooming have seen a rise of 429% and terms like “How to thread your own eyebrows” have increased by 1115%! Queries on DIY lash lifts are at an all-time high, with over 20,030 searches during self-isolation, followed by queries on DIY skin care face masks, acrylic nail removal (up 129%), how-to bath bombs, eyelash extensions and at-home facials.

Interesting to see people value their pampering, something that could have been mistakenly underestimated before. Well, numbers don’t lie.


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