Leaf scissors makes a sustainable match!

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Leaf Scissors and The Freelance Hairdressers’ Association – a match made in sustainable heaven.

set of Leaf Scissors

Take one company doing it for the freelance hairdressers and a hairdressing tool brand doing it for the environment – what have you got? A brilliant collaboration between The Freelance Hairdressers’ Association and Leaf Scissors, that’s what.

If you’re one of the many hard-working freelancers in our industry, you’ll probably know that the FHA supports those who work alone in all areas of their businessm and helps to make them feel part of a community. After all, it can get lonely being a sole worker, responsible for all aspects of making every day a good hair day for your clients. And with added membership incentives like bespoke liability insurance and exclusive discounts, a membership with the FHA provides that little bit of extra confidence that going it alone was a really, really good decision.

Logo for the FHA

Leaf Scissors produce the great quality hairdressing tools whilst always looking for ways to be kinder to our planet. In fact, as well as using plastic-free packaging and encouraging their team to work from home, they plant 10 trees for every pair of scissors sold. And to date, they have planted more than 33,000 trees. Yikes! Leaf Scissors – we salute you! What we’re trying to say is, if there was a hairdressing Oscar for commitment to the cause, it would have Leaf Scissors written all over it.

Steve McManus

Steve McManus at Leaf Scissors

The collaboration between these two excellent companies is simple – FHA members are being offered an exclusive discount and subscription on all Leaf Scissors products. “It can quite often feel that as a freelance hairdresser, you are left behind but I don’t want this to be the case,” said Steve McManus, founder of Leaf Scissors. So not only can you feel supported during your freelance adventure, you can also have a small hand in making the world a better place. Now go and polish your freelance halo.



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