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We’ve been following a new education venture which is interesting for several reasons – not least because it’s brand-free. Chaulk Education is founded by Sarah Spiers and Lianne Storer, and offers colour education at all levels. It is, say the girls, no brands, no bullshit, no limitations  – and we’re liking their vibe. It’s no surprise that the feisty pair have quite a take on modern teaching… we think you’ll be interested, too. 

Sarah and Lianne aat Chaulk Education

Colour work on Afro hair

“We heard great news earlier in 2021, in the UK national press with a review in NOS for  working with Afro/Black hair. Of course, we celebrated this move forward, however we do believe there is still a lot of work to do to get the National Vocational Qualification NVQ for hairdressers in line with client’s expectations and the more modern techniques that are desired.
“In our opinion there is definitely a gap, not just in knowledge and techniques regarding Afro/Black hair but with the education and support that our new stars and young learners receive when it comes to hair science and colouring. Awarding solo brands are already making moves and changing the choices they make when training their young and new learners. Starting in the salon and giving more time and a structured training which involves a more modern approach. However, some salon owners have no time to invest in training apprentices, especially since restrictions (whether financial or time) have occurred after the pandemic. These businesses are relying solely on the NVQ to share all hair and science knowledge. This in itself isn’t wrong, however we are seeing a gap in the knowledge once the NVQ is finalised.”


“Until very recently the science of hair hadn’t been reviewed for over 100 years. Now there is a demand for products to do more than they have ever done, so hair science research has definitely moved up a gear. As products change and we discover more about the hair structure then shouldn’t the theory of hair be reassessed and then the knowledge shared? As the saying goes being fore armed is fore warned and having more knowledge in the material, we work on everyday would give more confidence to hairdressers when it came to clients’ expectations.”

Chaulk Mentor Apprenticeships

“Chaulk Mentor Apprenticeship program is an extremely interactive online platform that runs alongside the NVQ filling in the gaps that are missing. Giving an all-round view of colouring the hair with a strong focus in hair science, we include perming too. This support is available now as said before there is a large gap within many training providers who will need additional resources and support towards these changes. Chaulk would be happy to help assist in this support. We have a responsibility to our new learners to be the best they can be.”

Trainee programmes with Chaulk Education




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