Jack Howard – 10 quickfire questions

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10 QuickfireContinuing our lightening-quick interviews, we aim to get to know better our hairdressing friends with just 10 questions that reveal something of their personality, their work ethic and their hairdressing style. This is what we learned from one of the UK’s most interesting, influential and accomplished educators, Jack Howard

Brit-colourist  Jack Howard lives in London but is renowned for bringing a massively accessible and popular style of sun-kissed balayage from the US to the UK. Years on, we’re still seeing masses of love for the technique. Jack teaches hugely popular courses both for brands and privately for salons across the world, travelling extensively pre-Covid. Now he’s translated his teaching to online IG Lives and we’re seeing huge audiences enjoying the opportunity to enjoy his teaching. Catch him while you can – it’s won’t be long before Jack is back to busy times with his clients working as ‘Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds’ in London’s Knightsbridge area. 

Now, let’s find out more from his snappy answers:

Jack Howard

Jack with Tribu-te publisher Nicky Pope

1) How many years have you spent in hairdressing now? 
37 full time and add a few more years as a Saturday boy

2) What’s your signature hairdressing vibe?
Super-natural balayage, I think its all a little glossy but thats only my thoughts. I love just undone but polished

Jack’s balayage is legendary

A light touch from Jack Howard

3) What keeps you in hairdressing?
I still really enjoy it, its as simple as that

4) Tell us a precious memory?
Summers spent on the farm with my grandparents running wild with the dogs through the fields and long long walks with my Gran

5) What’s your favourite piece of music?
R&B mainly, a little acid jazz and Joni Mitchell6) What’s your Karaoke song?
WHITE LINES by Grandmaster Flash, of course
7) What do you love most about hairdressing?
For me its all the different facets from client, shows education and the people
8) Where’s your ideal place for relaxing? 
A beach and a book somewhere hot with very few people around

9) Best advice you were ever given?
Be yourself because everyone else is already taken

10) Hope for hairdressing after this pandemic is tamed?
My hope is that we all come out of it well, and stronger, mentally ready to do great hair.

This time [in Lockdown] can be spent upping skills watching loads of stuff online, reviewing price lists or websites…  lets all try and stay positive, and be kind

Thanks so much for your time Jack – lovely to get to know you more!
See more from Jack on IG – his page really shares his aesthetic and is rammed with education videos
@jackhowardcolor and @theeverydayhaircolorist

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