Love the shampoo bar

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Right up there with any of the latest high-tech innovations, we’re upstanding for the rise of the shampoo bar. The news of a recent release of the much-loved Davines cleansing formulas of Momo, Dede, Love and Volu shampoos now in solid version has our hearts beating faster. Their 100% paper packaging sealing our devotion. 

Solid love

The new solid shampoos can be transported easily, in little space to reduce their logistic and transport impact:
• the packaging is made with 100% FSC paper, completely recyclable and it works as explanatory leaflet too
• the CO2 generated by manufacturing this product, including its transport and disposal, is offset via the EthioTrees reforestation project aimed at regenerating soil and forests to support local communities in northern Ethiopia.

What’s inside counts: 

Let’s tally up the ways we love Davines solid shampoo…
• silicon, sulphate and preservative free formulas.
• low impact on the water environment, 97.4% biodegradable
• active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia are obtained by means of a natural technique of bio-maceration in sunflower oil, a sustainable alternative to traditional chemical solvents
• the technology behind these formulas is different compared to traditional soaps: a blend of light surfactants with dermocompatible pH carries out a gentle cleansing action, yet effective to give compactness and shine to the hair
this technology enables the inclusion of a blend of conditioning agents in the formula to develop a rich and creamy foam, and to give softness and workability to the hair.

Packaged carefully

An aluminium container is available for carrying the shampoo bar dry. Which will your clients love most (and you, too, of course)?!

Momo shampoo bar is moisurising, solid for dry or dehydrated hair, giving hydration, softness and lightness.With extract of Yellow Paceco Cartucciaru Melon

Love shampoo bar is solid shampoo for frizzy, unruly hair. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it has an elasticising and softening action.Gently cleanses the hair giving it control and softness, with extract of Muinuta Olive.

Dede shampoo bar is for all hair types. Ideal for frequent cleansing. With extract of Red Celery from Orbassano.

Volu shampoo bar is for fine or limp hair. Gently cleanses the hair making it soft and light. Rich in minerals: phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B and C, it gives body and volume to the hair. With extract of Caprauna Turnip

Gorgeousness repackaged to care for the planet as much as our hair. 



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