AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT sponsors Hairdressers Without Borders

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We always applaud and support initiatives and partnerships between hair brands and charities or organisations that main to help people’s lives and give to the community. Therefore, the latest news from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT got us more than excited; the brand has become the Main Sponsor for the Non-Profit Organisation, Hairdressers Without Borders.

Inspired by artisans and hairdressers who share the same values, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT is a holistic, co-created brand that is on a sustainable path to authentic beauty. Striving for empowerment through education, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT has partnered with Hairdressers Without Borders as the charity’s main sponsor for the next three years. 

A sponsorship with a purpose

Hairdressers Without Borders is a non-profit organisation based on charity and education; their goal is to empower people in challenging circumstances by teaching the technical and commercial aspects of hairdressing through free professional training courses.

Juliette den Ouden

Through these successful educational programs, Hairdressers Without Borders continues to see personal growth within students as they go on to use the profession of hairdressing as their universal key for creating accessible opportunities and a secure future.

Proud to be their main sponsor, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT is working on the Nepal program for 2021 alongside Hairdressers without Borders and Advocate Juliette den Ouden, International Hair & Make-Up Artist and Ambassador for the non-profit organisation.


Since 2018, Hairdressers Without Borders has been working closely with BlinkNow in Nepal to provide students with professional training in hairdressing and beauty. BlinkNow is an organisation that operates at the grassroots level of community, focussing on promoting sustainability and self-reliance; through a shared belief that, if given the proper tools and initiatives, people and communities anywhere in the world can get the chance to raise themselves out of poverty.

After Hairdressers Without Borders first visited the Surkhet district in Nepal, they witnessed a large interest for training within hair and beauty. This led to the BlinkNow Women’s Centre in Kopila Valley to expand their vocational training; this year marks the initiative’s third series of hair and beauty training programs.

The vocational training will see Hairdressers Without Borders provide two to three weeks of advanced education to 15-20 women who will go on to become salon managers within Surkhet. The course includes modules such as Product Knowledge & Usage and Bridal Hair & Make-Up, as well as advanced salon skills that cover management, inventory and customer service.

In addition to vocational training, the BlinkNow Women’s Centre also offers students critical personal and professional education through a comprehensive Empowerment Course. This is designed to build self-confidence and awareness as women are educated in Nepalese law, women’s rights and general business skills – alongside health and wellbeing.

Juliette den Ouden

Hairdressers Without Borders Ambassador and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Advocate Juliette den Ouden, will soon be returning to Nepal for a second time to take part in the trainings that will provide skills and education to empower women in challenging circumstances. This project is very special to Juliette, as it allows her to help others by sharing her passion.

“I have been to Nepal to train women who have had no opportunities due to a violent past or a poor background. I have seen these women grow, not only in their skills with hair and make-up, but also in their self-confidence. As the Ambassador for Hairdressers Without Borders, I look forward to giving more women this opportunity” she says.

Heart-warming and motivating – especially during such difficult times. Bravo!



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