2021 global style trends

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With a glance back at great retro styles for inspo, we share with you international hairdressers ideas on 2021 global style trends! Thanks to Dyson for gathering the suggestions of their brand ambassadors from around the world to create this neat guide. We’re loving the directions and the illustrations, too.

The bob with bangsglobal style trends

The Fringe – It’s back, it’s blunt, it’s bold” says Errol Douglas in the UK

“Lockdown has provided the opportunity to ‘let it grow’ and currently clients are loving length. Yet, as 2021 hits and salons reopen, the length is going to come off! People will be desperate to get out of their loungewear and return to suiting and booting – a trend that will be seen in hair too. 
“Clients will be adopting a braver, ‘let’s do this’ approach to their hair. We will be seeing customised cuts, structured shapes, and cool lines. Regardless of length, it’s going to be neat, precise, and exacting, with the straight and structured bob proving the standout style of the year. And then there’s the fringe – its back, its blunt, its bold.” 
Styling tip: Use the Dyson CorraleTM straightener to achieve this style; teamed with a precise cut!

The influence of face masks

2021 global trends

“I think we’ll see some incredible hair looks influenced by mask wearing” says Jawara Wauchope in the USA

“With face masks now a part of our everyday world, this creates the ideal platform for people to showcase their creativity in hair. Hair has played an important role in self-care and improving the way people feel in challenging times. I’ve seen so many people attempt to learn new ways to style their hair during lockdown and as we move into 2021 and the world we live in looks more different than we could have imagined a year prior, I think we’ll see some incredible hair looks influenced by mask wearing.”
Styling tip: The Dyson AirwrapTM styler offers so much versatility in one tool, allowing people to switch up their style depending on how they’re feeling each day.

Long and loose locksLong and loose locks Jen Atkin

“Stylists will be asked to achieve the ‘I woke up like this’ look” says Jen Atkin in the USA

“After months in quarantine allowing hair to run free, we are emerging from lockdown with long, beautifully undone locks. Now we seek to enhance this natural texture.
“In 2021, stylists will be asked to achieve the ‘I woke up like this’ look – an effortless, natural, organic style with loose, unstructured movement. The deconstructed, slightly dishevelled look is to become ever more prominent across both popular culture and on the runway as the year unfolds. Stylists will be the first source of self-styling advice for client’s looking to embrace what Mother Nature gave them.” 
Styling tip: The Dyson SupersonicTM hairdryer with Diffuser attachment is engineered to define curls and waves.

Refined grunge

global styling trends 2021

“On camera, people want to look good” says Sunwoo Kim in Korea

“In 2021, we’re seeing more and more people turn to content creation as a way to stay entertained, inspired and connected. Off camera, the pandemic has added a layer of challenge and uncertainty to individuals’ usual self-care routines. On camera, people want to look good. 
“I foresee refined grunge making a comeback – bluntly cut, sleek layers framing the face. A chic spin on the minimal, effortless hair popularized by the grunge fashion of the late 90s and early 00s. It’s a bold, versatile and low maintenance look. A textured hairstyle moves dynamically, creating an effortlessly cool look in photos or videos.”
Styling tip: The Dyson AirwrapTM styler is my go-to for achieving the messy, tousled texture of this look.

90s inspired space buns

global style trends 2021

“Expect styles with attitude as people become braver” says Matthew Collins in Canada/USA

“Picking up speed as we enter 2021, the 90s will continue to see a major resurgence. Expect styles with attitude as people become braver, experimenting with updos and hair accessories as a way to express their identity. The HBO show Euphoria has had a major impact on the trend of retro updos this year, which is likely to gain mainstream momentum in 2021. 
“Hair colours and cuts have been fairly simple for a while, so as people break free from lockdowns, cool updos see people express a bold sense of style without a major cut or colour change. Small, tight 90’s inspired space buns with a centre part and straight highlighted ‘bold money pieces’ framing the face will be the look of the year.”
Styling tip: start by parting the hair into a perfect centre parting before straightening with the Dyson CorraleTM straightener

Sleek and straightglobal style trends 2021

“People will seek simplicity’” says Jehee Park in Korea

“With all the chaos and confusion of COVID-19, people will seek simplicity in the year ahead. This will be true of hair too with ‘texturized straight hair’ proving popular. People will prefer effortless, clean looks that are easy to achieve themselves. Mask wearing has meant people are now choosing more natural make up and in turn, will seek hair styles that complement this paired back look.”
Styling tip: The Dyson CorraleTM straightener delivers a naturally straight style whilst being kinder to the hair.

Thanks Dyson, much appreciated! 



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