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As frustrating as may be seeing Europe easing the lockdown ahead of the UK and some countries reopening the salons, it’s also very useful to observe, take notes and prepare ourselves properly for the next step. Patience is key while we wait; information is crucial too. Seeking for some positive action, we contacted our friend and salon owner Ben Madle to update us on Berlin’s salon-reopenings. We think it’s really useful to see how things are going in a country that has reopened hairdressing businesses. So that we could start plan for what is coming.

Ben is currently living in Germany, with a small salon in Berlin. We asked him to share with us his experience of the past week, the challenges, the clients’ reactions and his advice. Interestingly, Ben’s family owns also a hair salon in Woking, so he’s even more relevant in relating his German story to how it might work in the UK.

The new normal

Good news! Ben says week 1 has been a success and things have worked fine so far. People are listening and complying with the new regulations. Clients are copying well with the new normal and it’s really not as difficult as many think, as long as you prepare and practice.

The main changes in Berlin are these new regulations:

  • All clients must book an appointment-no walks-in allowed.
  • Salons need to keep a record of all appointments
  • All services are pre-paid during booking process. No cash exchange allowed.
  • There is no waiting area or queues and there is a specific number of clients allowed at the same time-depending on the size of the salon
  • No children, pets or friends accompanying the client are allowed
  • 1,5 m distance between chairs is necessary
  • Clients are encouraged to wear their own masks, but they can also have masks provided
  • Hairdressers need to clean everything and change gloves after each client
  • Staff have to wear masks all the time
  • No hair washing in the salons- clients are asked to wash their hair at home

As for Ben’s top advice to the U.K. hairdressers and salon owners?

”Start planning. Make sure you have enough cleaning supplies, as you will need way more than you thought. Stock up cleaning sprays, masks, capes, gowns, towels. Research on sterilisers suppliers, if you don’t have any. Inform your team about the changes. Salons won’t be the same. Reception areas won’t operate, working hours will probably change, so it’s good to speak with your team about all these. Practice working and talking with a mask on at home, now that you have the time to do it. Ask your team to do the same. Use this time to prepare and organise. And finally, let your clients know you’re still thinking of them. Contact them on phone or via social media, keep in touch. You will be seeing them soon.”

Thank you, Ben!

Watch Ben’s interview HERE


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