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The second edition of Run Le Hair Show has been announced for Sunday 19 September – and this is one programme we are setting up as an alert! L’Oreal Professionnel Paris has gone all out to connect hairdressers worldwide during this global experience of the Covid Pandemic. And in our view, they’ve been front-runners on production values. Product launches, education and community projects – while content is key, it’s the calibre of the digital presentation that has kept us engaged, or not, over the past 12 months. 

Run Le Hair Show 2.0

Hosts of Run Le Hair Show: Peggy Freay; Charlie Le Mindu; Min Kim

Having become more discerning about what to watch online, on TV, on our phones, it’s apparent that a production must be easy on the eye, ear and sensitivities. We loved the first edition of L’Oréal’s Run Le Hair Show when it aired earlier this Summer, and big high-five to know it’s returning. Half web series, half talk show, this is a presentation that ‘celebrates the cultural impact of hair professionals around the world in a fun, educational format that speaks directly to the hair obsessed.’ So says the press release, and we agree. Run Le Hair Show is like joining up with work friends for a fresh shot of inspiration and ideas on up-skilling to reintroduce us all to the joy of hair. There are three regular hosts:

• Hair designer and guest artist for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, Charlie Le Mindu. He says: “When an opportunity like this comes around, to be able to exchange tips and tricks with other Pros and to talk about my passion nonstop, I’m going to go for it. “

• Colour specialist for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris (USA), Min Kim. She says: “I’m a Color Specialist, a balayage educator, and a single working mum from New York City. I am really inspired by my childhood, going to the beach and seeing that natural-looking, sun-kissed hair that just glows. I also think physical and mental wellbeing is super important for the job we do. If we don’t take care of our bodies and minds, we won’t have longevity in our careers.”

• Fashion journalist Peggy Frey. She says: “Being part of Run Le Hair Show is an opportunity to cross the world of fashion with the world of hair. Of course, the two are very connected — because they influence a person’s style, how they feel and what they show to the world.”

Run Le Hair Show explained

Each episode includes seven dynamic segments, each addressing a different aspect of the hair pro world. The content for Episode 2 is ‘Color, color, colour!’ and is described as a deep-dive into a new in-salon service, French Glossing.

We’ll be treated to commentary from international colour specialists and guest artists for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris including Cha Hong, (Korea); Berni Ottjes (The Netherlands) and Washington Nunnes (Brazil). There will be an appearance from Nabil Harlow (France).

We love how this is all described by L’Oreal as an edutainment saga. The serious stuff includes a look at the science behind penetrating colourants, set against a playful look at the hottest hair colour trends of the season from pros all over the world. And we’re told this episode will also take viewers through the ins-and-outs of professional hair colour with Nabil Harlow, who will present La Masterclass in French Glossing.

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Run Le Hair Show Episode 02: Color, Color, Color! will air globally at 6pm UK time on Sunday 19th September and is translated into over 20 languages, honouring the diversity of the L’Oréal Professionnel Paris community.  Subtitles in other languages are also available via YouTube’s automatic translation service.



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