Oribe Canales

Oribe Canales 1956-2018

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Earlier this week, we learned the brilliant Oribe Canales – one of our most lovely guests in Tribu-te magazine – died on Monday 17 December. We are so saddened by the news and send all our love to his family and friends at this time. The industry will miss him enormously.

Oribe Canales

Oribe featured in TRIBU-TE SS14

To celebrate his life and his enviable career – we’re revisiting his brilliant Just Me interview with TRIBU-TE from 2014, and share with your his most poignant and inspiring words: 

How did you come to be a hairdresser? 

“As a kid, I would stay up late and watch movies: I loved Hollywood, and those films really stuck in my head. I wanted to be a movie star, so I went to New York. After a time I ended up working in a salon, watching the hairdressers making money. I learned to fall in love with hair and decided to go to beauty school myself. I got to work as an assistant with Garren at the Plaza Hotel in NYC when he opened his first salon… he quickly put me on the floor and I flew from there. I believe a successful hairdresser is 50% personality and 50% how you do hair.”

What’s your hairdressing aesthetic?

“It’s very important for hairdressers to know that I don’t like complicated techniques. It makes no sense to me to do a ‘cookie-cutting’ haircut. I believe that as hairdressers we fix, we camouflage, we make the face more beautiful and work with proportions. I love women and want them to feel more beautiful.”

What do you think of as your legacy to hairdressing?

“If I’ve done anything for hairdressing I feel like I’ve glamorised our profession again, after unisex and ‘wash n’ wear’ nearly ruined it. I think that hairdressers are way more important than they give themselves credit for. I never try and hold anyone back – if I learn something, I share. If you ask a question, I’ll tell the truth. What I try to teach is to simplify the art of hairdressing, and to give confidence. ”

Any advice to young hairdressers?

“Always follow your instincts – they will never guide you in the wrong direction and if they do, it was you in charge, they’re your instincts! Don’t be afraid of controversy – it’s good to create a reaction. In this business, you need to have imagination and balls!”

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