Nudes Color.Me Kevin.Murphy


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Nudes Color.Me Kevin.MurphyTotally of the moment, the latest shade launch from Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy embraces the natural, the effortless beauty of nudes. Empowerment and confidence are the most attractive qualities, and applied to hair are perfect for everyone and every skin tone. 

New Nudes 

Nudes Color.Me Kevin.Murphy

A new collection from Color.Me softly suggests that going nude is not what it used to be. Undress to explore four multi-tonal shades, says the brand. Find something to suite every person as uniquely as their own bare skin. Beige Violet reflects, powered by Micro Pigment Technology, come together to create glowing, blush hues.  Grey hair can be brought to silky shine, thanks to a safe and gentle formula. 

The quick facts you need are as follows: 

• Mix your shade with the activator of your choice. Ratio will depend on your colour service. Develop as per Liquid or Cream.Activator.

Beige.Violet can lighten up to 3 levels or create tone-on-tone and darker colourations, so with this in mind, Beige.Violet is well suited for any blonde depth.

Minky, powdery result on natural hair. Pink-ish, sheer hue on pre-lightened hair. Multi-tonal finish and brilliant shine.
• Different categories of demi or permanent results
• Tone-on-tone and darker colouration
• Full grey coverage
• 0-3 levels lighter
• To refine lightened hair
• pH.D colourations

Nudes Color.Me Kevin.Murphy

“The new Beige.Violet shades are the perfect combination of warm and cool that suit all skin tones. The perfect shade for a new growth shadow, root smudge or absolutely stunning results when depositing over lightened hair. Quick services, like refining with pH.D are a great way to introduce your clients to these new shades without commitment.” Kate Reid, Color.Me Design Director

Deliciously nudes

Nudes Color.Me Kevin.Murphy

Ingredients in the Color.Me shades are intriguing and help confirm good choices for the planet: 

Honey: Containing many vitamins and minerals, honey is a natural humectant, helping the hair to retain moisture. 
Pomegranate: The enzymes present in pomegranate assist in keeping the hair healthier and softer
Shea Butter: Providing a rich source of moisture to the hair, Shea Butter repairs dry and damaged hair from the roots to the tips
Rose Hip: Containing several nutrients including Omega 6 and Omega 9 and Vitamin A, rose-hip repairs damaged hair follicles
Aloe Vera: Coming from the presence of a long chain of sugars known as polysaccharides, which are building blocks for hair
Grape Seed Oil: A very rich source of flavonoids and polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants. Grape seed oil is also a good source of fatty acids and Vitamin E

Beige.Violet’s consist of 4 depths that offer limitless possibilities with sheer, powdery results. Great for anyone with darker hair who wants to go lighter as the violet cancels out unwanted warmth from lightening, but the beige kicks in for a natural look with the added benefit of grey coverage. The Nudes are also fantastic for all of your blonde clients. Demi or permanent results with a multi-tonal finish are achievable with these versatile shades and you can use them to refine lightened hair, colour tone-on-tone or darker, and with pH.D.



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