Linda Stewart talks Mental Health Awareness

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and since we are living under unprecedented conditions at the moment, we feel that it’s good to be open about it and talk freely. Judging is not helping while sharing information is crucial. Lockdown has caused a lot of stress and anxiety and stress is a major factor when it comes to mental health. In a report by Statista March 2020, 51% of young people in the UK have reported Covid-19 has affected their mental health, while 32% have said it is much worse.

Lockdown has a major impact to our industry and hair professionals as well. Now it’s the time to be kind to each other as we are all together in this. It is also essential to check on each other and to put some plans in action to emotionally support hairdressers and clients when salons reopen. Linda Stewart, co-founder of Rainbow Room International has shared her thoughts on this:

“Talking about Mental Health is so important just now and in addition to speaking to them on a weekly basis, we are making sure the staff can cope physically and mentally to return after a prolonged absence. Throughout lockdown we have been keeping in touch, providing support and training and making sure everyone is ready to come back to the salon. When we are given the green light to open, we will also look at doing a return to work day. The team can get their hair done, catch up with their colleagues, engage in training sessions and a plan of action can be presented to the team. I think some mental health training will be beneficial, as the team might have lost people they know to the virus and also the clients will have lost their loved ones. It is important to put together a strategy to cope with initial conversations, especially as we deal with so many young people, and guiding them how to have difficult conversations with the public is imperative.”


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