Sophia Hilton for INNOluxe V2

INNOLUXE V2: it’s arrived!

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There’s been a tidal wave of love for the new category of hair-rebonders which quite frankly change the way colourists work, opening up a wealth of artistic possibilities whilst ensuring hair stays in prime condition. Leading the field is INNOluxe, who now present a further leap in colour additive technology …And how! Sophia Hilton is the founder of NotAnotherSalon and a go-to industry expert on colour; to have her endorse INNOluxe as an ambassador says it all.

Sophia’s thoughts

INNOluxe V2 takes it further than I thought was possible” says Sophia. V2 works inside and out, it rebuilds the hair like never before, but equally important, the client’s going to really feel it.”  To be sure, INNOluxe is a leader in powerful, innovative rebonding and rebuilding technology.  V2’s protein repair solution penetrates the hair and repairs damage from inside each individual strand, allowing clients to instantly see and feel the results.  “There’s such a difference when my clients leave after INNOluxe V2. The hair feels fatter, it’s thicker and sexier and smoother instantly – which is pretty awesome. Clients and colourists alike are now nervous to use highly damaging products such as bleach without INNOluxe in the mix. However this isn’t a treatment reserved for colour, INNOluxe V2 can be used as a stand-alone treatment to repair and rejuvenate, as a prescription in the run up to a big colour job, to rebuild with a perm or chemical straightening treatment and on curls and Afro-Caribbean hair to bring ultimate repair and curl definition. Quite frankly, it seems that INNOluxe V2 can provide ultimate repair to any hair type, colour or texture. That’s quite a feat.

Two products in the INNOluxe V2 system are designed to be used in salon:

• ReBond V2 is a unique Aminobond Complex to strengthen hair bonds, translating as incredibly strong, repaired and healthy hair.

• Balance Plus V2 rebuilds with low weight proteins and restores the correct pH balance to the hair following a treatment or chemical process using INNOluxe ReBond V2; a step two in essence.

At home, the client can prolong the result:

• Elixir V2 is a highly concentrated leave-in conditioner that reinforces the hair’s new strength and flexible proteins. With new heat-active proteins, the hair actually strengthens as it dries. Clients need only apply 1-2 drops to wet hair to top up on repair. AN OPENING OFFER gives you the chance to try INNOluxe V2 for yourselves at a great price of £22.50 – the brand guarantees this is the start of a love affair, or TWICE your money back. A wow! all-round. Time to get a feel of INNOluxe V2 for yourself and your client. It’s a no-brainer!