HUM.AI.N, the new digital model gang

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As we increasingly experience life through screens, the modelling industry is undergoing a radical reformation. Digitalisation has changed how young consumers relate to beauty and fashion. Artificial Intelligence is going to be a great part of the future. We use it more and more when we play with new filters on social media; but could it become a new practice in the industry? On that note, meet HUM.AI.N, the new modelling agency with avatar-models; a collab between RENDOOO and NAMESldn.

New beauty standards

The new gang of models is here and set to redefine fashion’s version of digital fashion. Digital natives want to see a changing face of beauty. HUM.AI.N will be breaking barriers and disrupting stubborn boundaries of physical beauty and gender. This new digital gang represents everything the stereotypical cover girl did not: diversity, individuality and inclusivity. Appetites for beauty are shifting and  industry standards are e. The new age of accountability marks a turning point for fashion’s idea of the ‘feminine’ ideal.

RENDOOO and NAMESldn have partnered to create hyper realistic digital fresh faces. With diverse characteristic and unique features, the models are delivering on new realms of beauty. Shunning the notion that one size fits all, their looks are disruptive to the outdated beauty system. Sounds exiting and quite refreshing since the past years have put way too much pressure to women to achieve the perfect cover looks which are far from realistic.

This new crowd of models is set to debut on NAMESldn’s digital platform. Specifically, Java, Unix and Mosi, the first HUM.AI.Ns’ virtual models, make their debuts welcoming the untapped potential of hyperpigmentation, plus size and broader height ranges into beauty conversations. Providing a newer, more relevant idea of what beauty is HUM.AI.Ns’ virtual model utopia will usher in new solutions for remote photoshoots and product shots.

An ideal collab

RENDOOO is one of the leading 3D fashion studios in Europe, operating at the intersection of fashion and technology, crafting digital samples for the big names of fast-fashion and couture, for their suppliers and for independent designers worldwide. Rendooo’s work is focused on translating 2D sketches into hyper-realistic 3D samples and meticulously giving birth to hyper realistic avatars and to the upcoming generation of virtual influencers. They have worked hand in hand with the suppliers of the main fast-fashion retailers, such as H&M, Best Seller group and INDITEX, to help them cut time in samples development, cut costs, produce less fabrics or trims wastage, provide faster overall design changes, enable faster decisions to buyers and customers alike and be much more environmentally conscious.

With growing uncertainty around the catwalk’s future, NAMESldn is executing against the need for digital solutions. In their new 4D cinema showrooms, designers can customize virtual showrooms featuring 3D rendered garments worn by the virtual models. In June 2020,  the agency created a showroom in partnership with the internationally recognised designer Duran Lantink -whom styles have been ported to 3D by RENDOOO – to create an immersive digital showroom that offered a visually stunning experience unbound by physical constraints. The showroom’s open, virtual interface guided the viewer through a mystical, dystopian mall complete with the designer’s looks digitally rendered in 3D. Beyond defined jawlines, sharp cheekbones and unattainably slender figures, beauty is moving forward into unfiltered versions of perfection. HUM.AI.N new digital gang joins the new beauty wave.

What’s in for the hair pros?

The question that may arise now could be: Are avatars going to replace models? Is hairdressing and make-up going to be virtually done, leaving the hair and beauty professionals without work? Absolutely not! HUM.AI.N is clear on their intentions, stating that avatars are not here to replace people but to collaborate with them- in a new, fun, sustainable and eco way:

“We are definitely looking into collaborating with different hair stylists as we would love to get as much variety as possible. We want to partner up and work with as many industry people as possible, for example these models will also be booked by stylists who will dress them for virtual campaigns etc. So it’s a great way for people in the fashion industry to come together and collaborate.”

We think it’s time to embrace the idea of working with AI and we are looking forward to hear and see more from this promising collaborations in the near future.



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