How to fix common lockdown hair disasters with Great Lengths

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A couple of days left; salons are  finally re-opening. All stylists are eager to see your clients, what they have been up to and how they have been treating and probably mistreating their hair during lockdown. From box colours, bad haircuts and removal of hair extensions under no professional guidance, be prepared for the worst. But hair professionals will work their miracles again; they are the ones who have the skills to reverse these lockdown hair disasters. Any little tricks and help could be appreciated though. On that note, Robert Eaton from Russell Eaton Salons talks us through the most-common hair problems stylists will be facing soon and how Great Lengths could help solving them. Let’s hear it from him…

Box dyes

Box dyes can be extremely damaging to hair and clients should be advised to try and reverse that damage by using deep conditioners and treatments, both at home and in the salon, ahead of having a professional colour. However, this can be a long process. Adding Great Lengths hair extensions is a great solution to mask damaged hair – extensions can be a really great way of doing that as you’re adding the colour without damaging the remainder of the hair in-between. So, we not only use Great Lengths to add thickness, length and hair density, but colour as well.

Bond Extension Removal

Make sure to ask your clients to never attempt to remove extensions themselves; this is something that should always be done by a professional. If a client has removed their extensions themselves, you would need to carefully assess the condition of the hair ahead of re-applying extensions. Regularly using deep conditioning treatments and masks at home is a great way to revive damaged hair to ensure it’s in the best possible condition ahead of having  Great Lengths re-applied.

Once extensions have been re-applied, it’s really important the client continues to look after their hair, again using a deep conditioner at the tips on a regular basis and to also consider how they are styling their hair – for example tying it up loosely to avoid excess tension being applied to the hair.

When it comes to re-opening, we are prioritising different clients depending on two factors – those who have been waiting the longest and those who need a particular service more urgently. This includes extension clients who will be accommodated as soon as possible so their extensions can be removed, and the hair conditioned afterwards which allows time to prep the hair for their Great Lengths to be put back in at a later date.

Bad Hair Cuts

Great Lengths are a great solution for clients who may have had a disastrous DIY hair cut during lockdown. A bad haircut can always be corrected by using extensions to create more length and thickness.

A consultation is key for both the client and stylist, virtual appointments should be offered ahead of the doors re-opening on 4thJuly to see what extension solutions you can offer clients. The virtual consultation will also give us the opportunity to assess what the client’s hair is like, explain the process, answer any questions and give the client an estimated cost. It also gives the client the chance to establish if extensions are the right route for them, ahead of visiting the salon for a full Great Lengths consultation.

Root Banding

We are expecting to see lots of problems as a result of clients using home hair colours during lockdown, including root banding. It’s going to be really important we manage clients’ expectations when it comes to their hair – if they’ve not been in the salon for three months it is going to take more than one appointment to get their colour back to its former glory – the reality is it may take several visits. This is where the virtual consultations help, as they allow us to see the clients’ hair in advance of the salon doors re-opening and we can give them an honest opinion and plan their hair journey moving forward.

Thank you, Robert.



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