Colour Addict

Colour Addict

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Colour AddictA hairdresser’s colour spectrum is so much more than the seven named colours of the rainbow – it’s about texture, light reflection, and emotion. Tribu-te recently created a film ‘Colour Addict‘ to celebrate our love and deep connection to colour… 

We invited three amazing colourists to join us on location to produce the film. Our intention of course, was to record creativity. That exciting feeling that comes out when giving top hair artists freedom to express themselves. The brief for Adam Reed, Siobhan Jones and Sarah Black was simply to express individuality in their choice of colour for their models. Furthermore  they also explored the glorious potential of colour. They took to their task with relish – they are total colour addicts!

Our film-makers told us they were inspired by the process of choosing and applying colour, and by how our colourists were influenced by their surroundings. We had wanted the final film to reflect the different moods. It is all about daylight, vibrant neons, enticing metallic shimmers, and natures own soft-touch tones and shades. And it does! Colour Addict draws together four distinct stories: Metal; Daylight; Natural; and Urban. We love how each section works independently yet is intrinsically connected. As the observer you enjoy the smooth transition from one destination to another, emulating the progress of a journey, or the unfolding of a rich tale.

Colour Addict – Have a watch below, and let us know what you think: 


Thanks so much to Hektor Kowalski at for his team and their vision, and to L’Oréal Professionnel for supplying awesome products.

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