Antoinette Beenders

An afternoon with Antoinette Beenders

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We were invited to interview Antoinette Beenders on a flying visit to the UK this week. As global creative director for the Aveda brand, Antoinette is based in the USA now, but relishes the opportunity to visit Europe – well, she is Dutch-born, and London-trained with Trevor Sorbie! We adore Antointette’s imaginative and sophisticated work. She’s experimental yet always produces beautiful imagery whether for photographic or stage work. Antoinette is a big character, and has fought hard to attain the status she has on the global hairdressing arena. During our chat, Tribu-te’s UK publisher, Nicky Pope, posed some interesting questions and we’re delighted to share short clips here: 


1. Are you still a hairdresser or is it all about art directing now? 
2. What attributes do you need to make it as a super-successful hairdresser?
3. How do you translate inspiration into a show? 
4. What keeps you fired up about hairdressing?