Robin james Hague & Gina Conway

Gina Conway goes super-size

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A world pandemic hasn’t stopped a couple of brave souls in hairdressing – they’ve collaborated to present us the Gina Conway brand in super-size! Yep, laughing int eh face of adversity – well not quite, but we like the analogy – two of the UK’s most successful and experienced salon owners, Gina Conway and Robin James Hague, announce a joint operation to create an exciting new hairdressing ‘Super Group’ operating under the Gina Conway brand.


Gina Conway salon

With more than 50 years of salon ownership experience between them, Robin and Gina share a vision is to create the most sustainable salon group possible. They are passionate in the belief and desire for demonstrating that hairdressing services can be offered as a premium experience without necessarily impacting the planet. They intend to deliver the ultimate customer experience across unique and exquisite Aveda salons in London, Poole and Winchester and beyond.

Strength in numbers

Robin james  Hague & Gina Conway

The company employs more than 100 individuals, and holds sustainability at its heart, alongside promoting greater environmental awareness and responsibility – mirroring the two owner’s personal philosophies, as well as Aveda’s brand ethos. Importantly, Gina Conway is also Aveda’s Trade Sustainability Ambassador in the UK. With her know-how, Aveda’s brand mission, and Robin’s experience, they are formidable. 

“Having built my business from the ground up for the last 20 years on my own, I know how hard it can be and I have had to learn most things the hard way. Through this partnership with Robin, we both get to take advantage of our experience in business and to share best practices for the ultimate business. We both get to do exactly what we love for the business as our passions and strengths complement each other.” Gina Conway

Robin is clear on what pathway they are taking: “Twenty years ago I began using the Aveda brand and it was through that network that I first met Gina, who was establishing herself in London at the time and we became friends and would often exchange our ideas and best practices. 

“We are both passionate about delivering high standards of hairdressing with an equally high standard of guest experience, so I am delighted that we have now been able to merge our salons and offer our customers the ultimate hairdressing experience. We are now focussed on using our individual strengths to further improve our existing salons and use this knowledge and wisdom to grow the brand with a unique franchise opportunity. Details of this  will be released in September.” 

Listen to Gina’s podcast talking about her new role with Aveda as Sustainability Ambassador HERE 



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