10 quickfire questions with Antoinette Beenders

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10 Quickfire

Tribu-te poses 10 quickfire questions to people in the hairdressing industry to see what they reveal, and now it’s the turn of Antoinette Beenders! Fun yet focussed is the intention – we hope you enjoy finding out more about our high-flying friends.

Dutch-born and an astute and celebrated student of Trevor Sorbie in London, Antoinette today is truly a leading lady of hairdressing. Inventive and pioneering. She is now based in the USA as the Vice President and Global Creative Director at world-leading, sustainable brand Aveda, but insists a large part of her heart remains with the UK industry. We’ve loved working with and watching Antoinette over many years. She first appeared on Tribu-te’s stage in 2007, and we’ve met her often backstage and up close at events and holding interviews. At parties, too! Her style is strong yet exuberantly feminine and beautiful. Enjoy her answers to our quick fire questions: 

1) How many years have you been in hairdressing now?

37 years

2) What’s your signature hairdressing vibe?

A holistic approach to hair with environmental consciousness

3) What keeps you in hairdressing?

I love creating hairstyles, images, videos etc and connecting with people in our industry as well as learning new things

4) Tell us a precious memory?

Last October’s Tribute show to Trevor Sorbie, was pretty special
– 6 of us (all former art directors for Trevor) got together to honour his 70th birthday 

5) What’s a favourite piece of music?

I love all types of music but am a sucker for reggae!

6) What’s your Karaoke song?Embarrassingly, Dancing Queen by ABBA

7) What do you love most about hairdressing?

To me hair is the fabric of the body and I love manipulating it

8) Your ideal place for relaxing?

At home with my husband and my two doggies!

9) What’s the best advice you were ever given?

Say ‘yes’ to everything

10) What’s your hope for hairdressing after this pandemic is tamed?

A thriving hair industry that acts more responsible for the planet 

Thanks Antoinette! You can follow her on Instagram at @antoinettebeenders to get a great insight into her world of creativity. We adore this lady for her vision, determination and for being utterly adorable



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