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The pace of life demands we are responsive to the variable desires of the consumer when shaping our business. From salon to manufacturer, event producer to trade media… we each must read current trends and moods of our customer, predicting change and making it work in our favour. [Have you noticed how the word ‘pivot’ has dropped into common use these days? We must be more flexible and nimble to succeed] And the role of the hair influencer in helping. We’re increasingly aware of the personalities visible on our Instagram feeds, Tik Toks and most importantly on TV, radio and print networks. They help distil and direct trends so we can understand where we go next. So it’s welcome news that a new agency is helping push hairdressing to become a more valued part of the media that entertains and informs everyone both in and outside the hair industry itself. Hello Stellar! It’s time for hairdressing to shine more brightly.

Stellar Agency

Who’s Stellar?

Stellar Agency

The team behind the Stellar agency (a sister venture to LWPR)  has extensive hair industry experience now applied to exclusively and solely representing trade specialist, talent and stars. Their roster already comprises some of the industry’s most vibrant specialists, hairdressers, barbers, industry spokespersons and social media personalities. They describe their mission as “connecting talent and brands, and brokering commercial partnerships of every kind.”

Keri Blue

Stellar’s constellation of sought-after talent includes:
Writer and Presenter Keeks Reid
Social Media Star and hairdresser Casey Coleman
Global Colourist and Content Creator Ashleigh Hodges 
Short Hair and Gender Inclusivity Specialist Keri Blue
Louis Byrne’s ‘I Can, I Am, I Will’ Mental Well-being Project

Stellar Keeks Reid

Stellar will be the industry intelligence service… offering talent-finding and booking services whilst also handling all partnership communications and contract negotiation on behalf of its talent. Financial agreements include providing quantifiable details to ensure both parties, and paying the talent directly to cut the potential for numerous communications or waiting times. 

The Stellar team says: “We broker story-telling partnerships: pairing a brand’s brief and budget to the right influencer, content creator or thought-leader.” 

So, whether you are a star-hunting-brand looking to collaborate with creative minds or an individual hoping to join the Stellar gang then simply get in touch to talk through your brief or star qualities.

Website: // Instagram: @StellarRepresents //

Email: // WhatsApp & Calls: +447706 289233


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