Toni&Guy Elements show – #LCT2017

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We know it from their appearances at the Tribu-te show in 2015 and 1016 respectively, but Indira Schauwecker and Cos Sakkas are show-stoppingly good at creating fabulous presentations. Put Sacha Mascolo and the rest of the Toni&Guy international artistic team into the mix and we’re on our feet applauding. This was our reaction to the team’s presentation at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2017 final on Monday in central London. Elements drew inspiration from the world’s natural elements of each wind fire and water, and blended them with mankind’s influence through technology and the spirit of experimentation. Into the intricate hairpieces and exquisite styling, they wove their passion, vision and imagination. Clothes by Giles Deacon sealed the deal. This was one helluva show, and we salute L’Oréal for giving Sacha and her team such a stage. Study these pictures closely please – they are worth your best attention.