the new extra-ordinary

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There is so much talk of the new normal and what will settle as the direction for consumer behaviour in a post-Pandemic world. Visiting the Kevin.Murphy Fast.Forward gathering this Summer, Tribu-te publisher Nicky Pope attended a seminar with Chris Sanderson, futurist at the Future Laboratory to hear him talk about just what trends are influencing behaviour. We think you’ll enjoy this precis of his ideas: Consumer Spotlight, by Chris Sanderson – futurist


Consumer Spotlight

Invited to share his knowhow with the audience at Fast.Forward – hairdressers literally from all over the world – Chris opened the seminar by confirming that never before have we seen such seismic shifts in consumer mindsets as we do now. The long-term impacts of remote working, massive increase in digitisation, the ‘homebody economy’, and a collective health crisis was felt on a micro level by all of us. For recuperation and respite, people now look to brands and businesses to foster a reignited sense of optimism within their new set of values. This totally applies to all our industry, not just the Kevin.Murphy salons, so we’re keen to share his words with you… 

the New extra-ordinary

Talk of the new normal is left behind; the focus for us needs to be on creating the new extra-ordinary.” Chris Sanderson, futurist

Breaking this down

So how can the hairdressing industry best unravel the change, and take the opportunity to grow your business, whether as a salon or an independent? Discussing the new extra-ordinary, this is what we heard: 

the New extra-ordinary

Regenizens rising: Amid a period of environmental turbulence, people are re-framing their relationship with consumption to be not just more sustainable but also regenerative and ethical. Chris noted that, up to 70% of consumers surveyed in US said they would pay more for sustainable packaging. [Source: McKinsey and Co].

Peer to peer platforms: Beauty and health are now more than aesthetics, they have become a belief system, a community, even entertainment to the point that beauty and health are an entirely new cultural category. Chris quoted a European study reporting 86% of Gen Z said that connected technology enables them to connect with online communities through shared passions [Source: Deutsche telekom]

the New extra-ordinary

As the lines between commerce and community continue to blur, new ways to shop, powered by curation, connexion and co-creation, are emerging. This is important to work with for your business – to go with new ways of connecting with your clients. 

Anti aspirational mindsets: For years people have been sold an idealised version of beauty. Now consumers are seeking a more inclusive and carefree definition, notes Chris. He cites 72% of US adults believe society’s idea of beauty is too rigidly defined [source Mintel]

So, as part of this shift brands are turning particular attention to their language, resulting in a more positive approach to marketing. Look at how Unilever is removing the word ‘normal’ from beauty packaging and advertising, and Australian hair care brand Bread is positively embracing natural texture and rejecting the term ‘anti frizz’. 

the New extra-ordinary

Cross-reality citizens: The separation between the physical and virtual worlds is becoming far less pronounced. Digital tools are extending our experience of the world and facilitating an entirely new way of engaging with products – and with each other. In the beauty market, buyers of the new Valdé lipstick were gifted a free matching NFT and access to the newly created Valdé NFT collective! 

An avatar economy is emerging as entertainment commerce and social media converge within the burgeoning metaverse. Weird fact incoming! …. The direct to avatar market is reported to comprise 3.5 billion digi-sapiens [source; The Fabricant]. Equally, Gucci beauty collaborated with game developer Drest to release a limited edition collection of virtual makeup… mind boggling. 

the New extra-ordinaryPleasure revolution: As we move towards a post pandemic world people are craving brands to lift their spirits create an intimate connexion and spark joy. Americans cited inspiration (42%) joy (40%) hope (34%) and love (38%) as triggers to engage or buy products. [Source: Allocardia]As younger demographics continue to shun the cult of business, they are seeking brands that empower a shift from enhancement to enjoyment. 

“We want multi-sensory experiences, positive therapy, recognise that haircare is about wellness.  Can we foster collective healing? People increasingly are understanding the power of what can be achieved when we come together to make a difference for ourselves, our communities, our families, and our businesses.” Chris Sanderson, Future Laboratory

the New extra-ordinary

The new extra-ordinary

What do you think? There is so much change and yet when you distil what we heard Chris saying, and put it with the trends we see here in the UK, actually a lot of this has been happening for some time. It’s helpful to have it set out list style as above and you then you can audit your business, your way of working. Challenge yourself to be going in the right direction to embrace change, and not fight it or fear it. Good luck and many thanks to Kevin.Murphy for the super-inspirational and informative event with Future Laboratory at Fast.Forward



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