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Catching our eye this week, news of more big investment into the booking platform Fresha. It has won more than 50million USD investment to further expand its products and services. Wowser! What is the story with this challenger salon and spa service provider? 

The Fresha way

Providing a comprehensive portfolio of services to make your salon or spa operate efficiently both retaining client confidence and growing your market share, Fresha is a FREE booking platform for salons and spas. Already you can use Fresha to manage not only your appointments, but also your product inventory, marketing, card payments and more. Quickly, the company has evolved to offer intuitive business software and financial technology solutions which are currently working across more than 120 countries with 60,000 businesses benefiting. Now that’s endorsement indeed. Specifically, Fresha can be a seriously good help to small or medium size businesses who need support, particularly in the wake of the Covid Pandemic. Whether you’ve had to downsize, evolve the way you work, or cope with shifts in consumer behaviour, you can unlock more time and find is less stressful in managing all aspects of a salon or spa operation. Fresha investment story

Investing further

So what does this investment in Fresha reveal about the brand and what can that mean for you? Certainly unprecedented growth since the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Fresha to become headline news in the business world. Salons and spas in key territories such as North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe have had to bring more of their operations online and maximise their revenues by acquiring new customers through the platform’s consumer marketplace. Equally, client behaviour has reflected the uncertainty of our times with no-shows, nervousness about Lockdowns and payment plans meaning salons and spas must become more sophisticated and nimble in their operations. That Fresha has flourished in this environment is real endorsement of the brand’s offering – and more so as word-of-mouth has been the primary force in creating this growth.


Fresha founders William Zeqiri and Nick Miller

Join the community

We believe that professionals like barbers, stylists and therapists should be able to focus on their craft without having to worry about the daily hassles of running their businesses,” says Fresha co-founder and chief of product Nick Miller. “We’re committed to providing the very best product with a seamless customer experienceat the lowest price point.”

Arguably, more traditional types of booking service have focussed on one aspect of business management. They’re good at what they do but don’t do everything. As a salon owner you maybe also needed to use programmes such as Mailchimp for marketing, Shopify for payments, someone else to create an interactive website, and so forth. This multi-agency approach is all put to one side with Fresha. 

Fresha co-founder and CEO William Zeqiri explains: “Our mission is to be the go-to one-stop-shop solution that addresses each and every pain point for the industry holistically, with an overarching vision to help connect the world to beauty and wellness.”

Fresha investment

Prior to this latest tranche of investment, Fresh had already picked up funding of 100million USD, and today is valued at more than 640million USD. We’re not saying money is everything, but these numbers certainly add up to one helluvan opportunity to expand further to confirm itself as a global community, able to accelerate product development and offer better-than-ever services that drive marketplace bookings. 

Go to Fresha

Launched in 2015 originally under the name Shedul, the company rebranded to Fresha in 2020. To find out more, you can jump online visit, download Fresha on the App Store and Google Play or follow Fresha on Facebook and Instagram




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