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Hair colour is art, says Kevin Murphy, the hard-working pro whose Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy portfolio is something else. The range is smaller than some – less inventory to carry – but gives the freedom to do exactly what you (and the client) want.

Unique selling points for Color.Me

Collections are influenced by fashion, and equally are influential. Kevin’s work as a session stylist informs his aesthetic and the results are stunning. See this VELVET.FLORA collection – a marriage of fashion and hair that is consumer facing yet high-end. 

Artistic freedom

Let’s look at the Kevin.Murphy USPs. Ammonia-free, cruelty-free and PPD-free,  now Color.Me adds a Freestyle Lightener – clay-based for freehand application – that allows you to be the artist you want to be. Paint, lift, highlight and create natural, sun-kissed results with up to seven levels of lift – it’s up to you. With Freestyle.Lightener you can go to the max. This gentle, non-drip Lightener is rich in Kaolin Clay to help strengthen and detoxify the hair, and also offers up to 7 levels of lift.

Kevin.Murphy Freestyle.Lightener

Three-Step Technology

  • An exact counting method is used and guarantees that not a single colouring molecule remains free. Only a secure bond, or ‘safe’ molecule is formed. This supports fewer skin irritations and allergic reactions
  • when the Color.Me Cream.Activator is addes to the Color.Me shade, the oxidation process is delayed. This allows for an all-over precise application resulting in beautiful and even colour coverage
  • extremely small colour pigments are deposited onto the hair which penetrate deep into the hair shaft, resulting in shiner and healthier looking hair.

A meld of fashion, session work and hair colour, the Color.Me line delivers high-performance, natural-looking results and best colour. The gentle, from-the-earth ingredients naturally moisturise, rejuvenate and impart incredible shine without having to further compromise the environment.  Ingredients like aloe vera, honey, shea butter and pomegranate, and the promise of being PPD-free, cruelty-free and ammonia-free make this very attractive to work with, and for your conscientious clients.



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