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A new generation of the Refill Bar from Authentic Beauty Concept moves the conversation on from the issue of sustainability to creating a circular economy.

For Authentic Beauty Concept, meaningful, lasting change is the goal, and the brand is proud of steps taken since launch that help make ingredients, packaging and process more consciously sustainable – not to mention input in social projects and salon practices. Now it’s time to speed up, not simply mirroring, but leading consumer desire for responsibility and solutions to recycling and reusing packaging and products, as well as providing experiences and personalisation over ‘fast-fix’ or ‘throwaway lifestyle’.

Making the point that recycling is all about the end of a process (the ‘get rid’ stage of a products lifecycle), Authentic Beauty Concept says it’s better to focus on ‘closing the loop’ to significantly reduce both packaging and product waste. Here’s where refilling comes in. The brand believes that refilling can, and should, be part of our everyday. While  the consumer has embraced water bottles and reusable coffee cups, alongside the rapid popularity of zero-plastic stores and supermarkets, we have to do better with single-use plastic.

Be part of the refillution

The Authentic Beauty Concept Refill Bar has been revised with options for a smaller unit to provide a more flexible approach, suitable for even more salons. This unique service and retail approach is a clear way to upgrade a salon when it comes to sustainability, setting it apart as the destination for eco-friendly, premium refill, whilst growing client loyalty and meeting the needs of consumers making more conscious lifestyle choices.

“The Refill Station is the easiest way to reduce plastic waste, while keeping a professional, quality product.” – Matt Dubet, Founder & Creative Director Lisbaeta Salon, Lisbon

How does the Refill Bar work?

The idea is simple – bring your bottle back and #doyourbit for the environment. After an expert consultation, salon clients will receive their prescribed Authentic Beauty Concept product(s)  in a 250ml retail bottle made from 90% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic. The bottles also come with Forest Film labels (the first wood-based film label material in the market, certified by ISCC*). Once they’ve used it all up, the bottle doesn’t go into the bin, or even the recycling – instead, it’s brought back to the salon to be refilled and the cycle starts again #everyrefillcounts.

What are the facts?

The AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Refill Bar not only looks beautiful with its simple and minimalistic design, but it also uses recyclable 5L bottles made from 50% PCR plastic with reusable pumps and recyclable Forest Film labels. Each 250ml retail bottle can also be reused at least five times, generating a saving of 83% less plastic**.

“Now more than ever we must make people aware of the importance of caring for the environment. We must change the way salons work, and the way clients consume single-use products…Many of our clients opt for the Refill Bar because it’s new and interesting, they are curious and ask a lot of questions about it! As a salon, it helps us to offer something different and special. It adds value.”  Elías Pedrosa, Authentic Beauty Concept Advocate, Spain

*International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (a certification standard for all kinds of bio-based feedstocks and renewables)

**(vs buying 6 standard Authentic Beauty Concept 250ml bottles).

To learn more about the Refill Bar, the brand and the products, explore the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT website:




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