First Diversity, Ethnicity & Inclusion Report

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We’re tackling product ranges for all ethnicities, and trying to reflect diversity in advertising to appeal to a greater representation of consumers. But is hair and beauty really diverse and inclusive on the inside yet? Are we making enough effort? A report published by MBS Group, CEW UK and ScienceMagic.Inc has shown a greater need for diversity, equity and inclusion in the entire European beauty industry. This is the first D,E & I Report on the European Beauty Industry and shows that frankly, the industry now needs to work harder and faster on making it an inclusive place to work.

The report reveals many insights, and here are a few of the headlines: Top level executive roles are filled by men and despite progress being made, just under half (48%) of beauty businesses have no ethnic minority representation on their boards, and just over half (51%) have no ethnic minority on their executive committees. Shocking.

Whilst many entry-level positions exist within the industry, even where women do make the cut for more senior roles, the vast proportion of corporate roles are still dominated by relatively privileged, mainly white women.

What’s the problem?

The report  showed that many companies were hesitant even to report on their D, E & I performance for fear of saying the wrong thing and many companies even declined to comment. We need to better embrace this issue and not be afraid to ask, and learn and implement. 

We know that the beauty industry is fragmented, containing large companies but also many many smaller and start-up businesses. The result is a real range of practices. Interestingly, the researchers discovered that interestingly, some small businesses showed true best-in-class disciplines for making real positive change, whilst some larger companies are hindered by having different central markets.  Being more nimble and connected with the consumer could be in your favour as a smaller, customer-facing service. 

This report is an essential first step in understanding the current situation and challenges we face,” explains Sallie Berkerey, managing director CEW UK. “I hope businesses, big and small, find it an essential tool to providing practical advice and guidance to implement insightful I&D strategies and increase momentum to make measureable positive change.” 

This report has been powered by three organisations as a collective: The MBS Group, the leading executive search and leadership advisory firm working across all consumer-facing industries, CEW UK, the UK arm of global membership organisation, CEW, with more than 10,500 individual members worldwide who share a singular passion; the beauty industry, and leading global strategic and creative company, ScienceMagic.Inc which has worked for over 25 years in building many beauty and wellness brands.

To find the full report, visit the MBS Group HERE



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