Extraordinarily Natural

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Revealing her new collection for Spring 2022, Antoinette Beenders has made this latest project a particularly personal one. Extraordinarily Natural celebrates the beauty of the individual – inside and out. Her models are people who have chosen their unique identity – disregarding ‘norms’ and even perhaps devising their own language or expression of their true selves. Antoinette has created a look for each one that reflects this individuality of personality and lifestyle. 

Antoinette Beenders

GRACE: “I loved [my long hair], but I felt like I was very girly. Cutting it off gave me a lot of freedom and just made me feel more myself.”

Antoinette tells us, that in this collection, no two cuts, colours, styling techniques or product combinations the same. Whether short and textured, sleek and blunt, or layered and curly, each was created using Aveda’s high-performing, vegan color and styling products, resulting in a look which is, in her words “truly unique to each individual’s personality and lifestyle.

Make no mistake. Antoinette is acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with her role as senior vice president of global artistry at Aveda. Her influence is far reaching and she uses her experiences to tell stories and champion beliefs on matters ranging from sustainability to tolerance and kindness. She lives in the heart of North America – Minnesota – but she sees everything!  Importantly, we see someone who understands how to make hair both relatable and reflective of the person wearing it, as well as using her technical wizardry and artistry to be impactful in her portraits.


DEXTRA: “I’m a trans woman, but I consider myself non-binary. I don’t really like identifying with gender expectations.”

Individual looks

The shullet was created on Dextra (above), where Antoinette used razor cuts to create seamless, sectioned layers. Dextra’s look was styled using Aveda’s Invati Advanced™ Thickening Foam prior to blow-drying, where Antoinette then wrap-dried the tip and fringe forward. 

KATEY: “I’ve been a vegetarian for about seven or eight years now…[eating meat] contributes too much to greenhouse gases.”

The sliced bob is shown on Katey (above), a blunt and sleek jaw-length cut that draws attention to her facial features and emphasizes her bone structure. Antoinette created this one-length cut on wet hair using slight diagonal subsections to accommodate for the curve of the neck. Once dried and styled, she emphasized the bluntness of the cut using a clipper to touch up the outline, and then added additional texture by slice cutting from mid-length to ends.

FIONA: “Growing up, I didn’t like my [curly] hair very much…It wasn’t really a look. But I’ve definitely grown into it.”

The octopus haircut is featured on Fiona (above) creatively showcasing her curls in a personalized way. Antoinette cut a blunt top layer, adjusting the weight as needed, and freehanded a visible connection between the top and sides while maintaining a responsible amount of weight in the lower section. 

“I love the octopus haircut because it breathes new life into traditional layers with its unique silhouette,” said Antoinette. This cut showcases Fiona’s curls in such a beautiful and modern yet natural way, and is an easily-maintainable look when using the right styling products like those in the Aveda Nutriplenish line. What’s great is that it’s also a versatile cut that can be worn beautifully by those with all hair types and textures.” 

Antoinette, we love it!



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