The Black issue

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The Summer edition of Tribu-te magazine UK is ‘the Black issue’.  A year ago, in the days following the murder of George Floyd in the USA, the world was caught up with a surge of interest in #BlackLivesMatter. The making of Tribu-te’s Black issue is the result of several top UK hairdressers coming together to collaborate on a project that addresses the issue of being a Black hairdresser and working with Black and Afro-textured hair. We wanted to show exquisite work on Black hair, allowing its natural texture to show through, and to champion our fabulous hairdressers. 

What is the Black issue?

Here in the UK, in the wake of #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations in major cities, the hairdressing industry was forced to ask why there is an arguably woeful lack of support for clients with Black or Afro-textured hair? And why do we not offer Black hairdressers the best platform to show their work with the natural texture of Black and Afro-textured hair? And, to be frank, why is the provision for education and training in working with Afro-textured hair inadequate so there are not enough hairdressers qualifying who are competent and confident in working with Afro-textured hair? This means that our industry is not offering the best service possible for clients wanting hairdressing services to care for, colour and style Afro-textured hair. It’s a vicious circle. We need to break this.  

Thanks to Avlon 

The project to create the collection for Tribu-te; the Black issue came from the generosity of the hairdressers, stylist, photographer and make-up artists, as well as the models, all working pro bono. Costs were met by Avlon Europe – manufacturers of leading products for working with Black and Afro-textured hair for more than 40 years. We are grateful for their vision and generosity. 

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