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Scrolling Instagram avidly for inspiration and hope, we spotted Sylvestre Finold’s series of looks working with a mannequin and wig pieces. His posts at @sylvestre_finold sum up all that is fascinating about the Instagram platform – quite frankly, it’s been our Lockdown go-to for finding out what’s still going on in hairdressing despite salons being closed. A master of detailing and avantgarde work, Sylvestre is the British Hairdressing Awards avant-garde hairdresser of the year 2018/19 and winner of the avant-garde AIPP 2018/19 trophy. He joined the Tribu-te show in Paris last Autumn to present an incredible show with Emmanuel Esteban for the ES Project (@e.sproject). We’ll show you why Sylvestre’s feed has captured our hearts. 

Left: look 1 is created. Right: then look 2 comes after the hair is brushed through

Sylvestre Finold – Lockdown artist

Working with mannequins or dolls heads’ has become a necessary part of the creative process during this Lockdown period. Taking this as an opportunity to really explore wig work, Sylvestre delivers a masterclass in creativity. He used just one wig to showcase his dexterity and imagination. Awesome! He tells us: “The looks are made with one wig – I don’t always wash it, but just brush it between looks. There’s always a surprise in the texture; from there I create different looks one after the other. I might wash after 5 looks. I don’t use many products to create a new look – maybe smooth the hair a bit but it’s not necessary as there’s a build-up of products as you go along. Working this way is a good way to train yourself for a photoshoot – on set you can’t wash the model’s hair as time it precious, so you have to improvise after each look.”

This is Sylvestre’s favourite selection from the series –  we’ve ordered them as they were created: 

You can see more on the Sylvestre Finold Instagram feed. There’s a helluva lot going on: it’s really worth a long browse! @sylvestre_finold


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