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Our new regular feature ‘Me in 6 pix‘ is keeping us amused and intrigued. As the title suggests, we invite some of the most creative names in the industry to share with us their personal photographs, and explain why they’re important to them. The latest to oblige is Suzie McGill

Suzie McGill is a multi-award winning and excellent team-building Scottish hairdresser. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has a well-deserved reputation for amazing hairdressing – running through her heart and soul! She is the Creative Director of the large salon group, Rainbow Room International, and Director of the groups salon in Uddingston, Edinburgh. The Lockdown has given us a chance to catch up and find out more from her picture choice!:


1) Send us one of the last pics from your phone and explain it?
This morning on my hours walk to my local park this tree looked full of life , it actually filled me full of hope !! 

2) Whose poster was on your wall as a teenager?
I was a huge smiths fan I loved MORRISSEY he was so different and cool

3) Send us a pic of your favourite drinking cup/mug?
This is my favourite drinking cup because my favourite cousin bought it for me

4) Who’s your hair icon?

Lesley Jennison

Richard Ashforth

Tyler Johnston

I have so many as I love so many different types of hairdressers and colourists I LOVE:
Tyler Johnston for his huge portfolio of cutting and dressing; and Lesley Jennison for colour palette and innovative colouring techniques;
Richard Ashforth for his beautiful shapes… the list is endless

5) Send us an image you find calming?
This photograph we taken on our last family holiday to Portugal. I can’t wait to do this again it makes me feel really calm and remember what is so very important to me

6) Scissors or brush? Send us a pic of your hand showing a preference
I miss cutting and colouring hair ! But we must stay patient and really reflect on how lucky we are to be in such a wonderful industry! And look forward to seeing you all soon ! Stay safe 🖤

Thanks! So intriguing. The Rainbow Room International celebrates 40 years this year, to find out more, click HERE

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