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Lou Christou teams up with Haircuts4Homeless

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Lou Christou from Thy Barber teams up with Haircuts4Homeless to transform five recovering addicts into trained barbers with his 12-steps to Barbering Academy. Haircuts4Homless, friend of Tribu-te Magazine, is a charity founded by Stewart Roberts MBE, which provides hair services for those in need. It is inspiring to see support for charities which provide such a valuable service to our community. 

Inspired by his own struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, barber Lou Christou wanted to help others. His 12-Steps to Barbering, loosely based on the transformative programme for personal recovery, takes place over 12 weeks. In June, Lou will take five recruits from Acorn House, a hostel for homeless who are recovering from addictions and ready to face the world.

Lou Christou, Stewart Roberts, Matt Horder, Alex Burt

Lou Christou

Lou Christou says, “I’d started volunteering to do cuts at Acorn House and it made me wonder if I could find a way to help some of the people I was meeting. I know that when I was first in recovery, what I needed was structure, a clear plan, and a reason to get up every day.”

The programme will run in association with Haircuts4Homeless after Lou approached its founder Stewart Roberts MBE, who has equally battled with addiction over the years.

Lou Christou

Lou says, “Once I’d asked around to see if there would be any interest in the programme, I reached out to Stewart, who I’d met through my association with Acorn House. He knows himself the challenges that recovering addicts face. Barbering is a job that doesn’t discriminate like some other careers, and it offers a skill that has longevity – good barbers will always be in demand.”

Stewart Roberts MBE

Stewart Roberts MBE of Haircuts4Homeless says, “The consequences of addiction can be brutal. I know by my own struggles and my 17 years in sobriety. Frequently, those affected will lose jobs and not be in a position to think about employment, which rocks their self-esteem and self-confidence. Anything designed to rebuild people’s characters can have a transformational effect on the future course of their lives and is something we fully believe in at Haircuts4Homeless. We didn’t hesitate to get on board with Lou’s 12 Steps to Barbering programme and we’re looking forward to supporting the five recruits through their journey.”

Lou Christou

Matt Horder, Stewart Roberts, Lou Christou


American Crew, BaByliss Pro, Denman and Matakki Scissors are sponsors, helping make this wonderful initiative possible. As well as providing resources American Crew has supplied mannequin heads for training, alongside kits and products. BaByliss Pro has provided clippers and hairdryers. Denman has provided brushes and combs for each of the recruits, plus branded tote bags. Matakki Scissors has provided five of its Toya Scissors and cutting capes.

During training, designed to build a foundational knowledge of barbering, the five candidates will receive expert tuition from well-experienced barbers. After 12-weeks of training, the recruits will attend a special finishing school at the American Crew Academy. Renowned barbers will share their knowledge in seminars every Monday for six weeks. This includes Mark Leeson art team members, Ian Harrold from American Crew, and barbers from Fella and Manifesto. The programme culminates in a platform presentation at Salon International on the Modern Barber stage on Saturday 14th, October.

Lou Christou

Some of the trainees in action at Thy Barbers

Matt Horder

Matt Horder, general manager of Revlon Professional  UK and Ireland says, “When myself and the team at American Crew heard about this project, we wanted to do whatever we could to support it. Knowing that it had the backing of Stewart Roberts was an even bigger draw – his authenticity and commitment alongside Lou’s obvious skill and passion for this programme is going to be potentially life-changing for these trainees. We wish them every success.”

Alex Burt

Alex Burt, a representative from Matakki scissors who joined some of the other sponsors at Thy Barber as the programme commenced, says, “Initiatives like this are very close to our hearts at Matakki. There’s simply not enough support and opportunities for those who really need it so we’re proud to be able to do something that can give the most vulnerable a boost in life. Scissors are the fundamental tool these recruits need to master this craft and we’re honoured to provide them.”

Photography by Jack Eames

H4H presents Twelve Steps to Barbering with Lou Christou | Sat 14 October | 16.30 Modern Barber stage at Salon International 2023, courtesy of American Crew.  

Lou Christou, Thy Barber, Cheshire Street E2 6EH

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