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Hairtribe: 60’s Mia

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Alex Lepschi is bringing his collection-creating and educating skills to the global Hairtribe audience with his first film, 60’s Mia. He talks, and shows how working with characterful disconnections can create a strong but wearable, modern cut.


Hairtribe, is the global, online educational platform connecting top mentors to people. It delivers weekly online videos in six different languages. And as their latest guest, Alex shares their passion for education; Since the mid 90’s he has been creating stunning collections that were appearing up by prestigious magazines. He paves his way to local and international recognition – including winning the title of Austrian Hairdressers of the Year in 2015. Now, he splits his time between Austria, London, Paris…and wherever his career as both an educator and Schwarzkopf ambassador takes him.

Alex Lepschi and Hairtribe

For his first film, Hairtribe invited Alex to show their community what he does best – short haircuts. Watching Alex work with connections and disconnections to create a modern style, you learn to create a haircut that is easy to maintain, but keeps the characterful disconnections that give the look definition. See the 60’s Mia film here:

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